Friday, August 18, 2006

Summer slackerdom

Whoo-boy! A whole month since my last blog. Well, it's the summer, and I've finally found peace with just taking it easy and doing whatever the hell I want. Because I can. :)

Some highlights from the past month:
  • Cruise to Alaska with the in-laws! Great food, amazing sights, terrific family bonding. Who knew we'd have so much fun stuffing our faces and playing bingo every day?
  • Cape May with the Kellys! Such a pretty little beach town, and always a good time for my family to reconnect and relax.
  • Spending a week at the New York Public Library, spending time with an inspiring poet (Jill McDonough) and getting to WRITE for hours...
  • Getting cast in "Design for Murder" at the Attic! I'm playing Nora. I've really wanted to work with this director for a while, so this will be a fun little project.
  • And other big news...which will have to wait just a while. But it's damn good, I can tell you that much. :D

Unfortunately, there have been some valleys among the Nana passed, very peacefully, but now my dad and his siblings have a slew of issues to work through. The funeral was an exercise in chilly diplomacy, and while I'm amazed they survived that, I'm not looking forward to the drama and bad blood that's sure to be stirred up in the months to come. My sister and I just keep promising each other that we'll never get to that point.

Hubby's dealing with a terrible work crisis, and there's nothing I can do about it. It positively sucks to see him so upset, and all I can do is listen when he wants to talk or leave him alone when he doesn't. Basically, it's one of those situations where you're smacked with the horrible reality of being an adult and having to deal with sh*t, and there's no counselor/mentor/parental figure to help you out and make it all better. Remember in high school, how whenever you had a question or problem, you just went to the front office and it was somehow taken care of? I wish we had a "front office" in life. (Maybe that's what therapy is.)

My dear Mams is coming up tomorrow...we're going to see "Sweeney Todd" on Broadway, with Patti LuPone. Should be an awesome time.

Think I'll pop on the iPod and go for a power walk...take advantage of this abnormally cool weather!