Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fun with Sonnets

I'm taking a seminar on the sonnet at the New York Public Library this week. So be forewarned: pretentious poetry ahead!

Juliet fell on her "happy dagger"
After Romeo drank a bit too much
Ophelia plunged into murky water
While Hamlet ranted about "words" and such
In falling for the strong and silent type,
Portia drowned all her troubles in hot coals
Imaginary blood she could not wipe
Caused Lady Mac to simplify her goals
Cleopatra met a venomous snake
When Antony was found to reason lack
And Lady Anne saw she could not fake
Another night in bed with that hunchback

Yet fret not, love; my spirit is too strong
To buckle under one who's done me wrong.

(For Erna)

They mop her brow with dirty, soaking rags
Four warped walls frown upon the child bride
Outside, he drinks his Belikin and brags
About the son arriving just inside.

"Truly peaceful," Brad crowed to the whole world
Upon the birth of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
"An amazing adventure," Angie purred
300K they gave--aren't they the shit?

Now turned thirty, a mother of seven
Thirty-seven wounds he made with his knife
She lifts her shirt and cries up to Heaven
to save her babies from this hellish life

"The superstar mom" has movies to make
While in Belize, a mother's spirit breaks

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ode to the Adirondacks

On Reaching the Summit of Mt. Jo

Breathing in pine and sweet damp earth
Sweat pouring down to foster my rebirth
Heart crying out to escape my chest
Pleading with Katie for "one more rest"
Nearing the top, trees grow less dense
--I am blessedly in the present tense--
Scraping up walls of rock and mud
(Remnants of yesterday's fleeting flood)
Collapsing in joy on the sun-baked peak
My spirit is soaring; my body quite weak
We whisper and laugh, so glad for a friend
There is nothing like Placid to make my soul mend.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Back from a terrific weekend visiting the fam.

Years ago, Oprah touted an "Attitude of Gratitude" journal--just listing things you were thankful for that had happened that day. I did it with Rosie while preparing her for Confirmation, and I continued for some time. I think it's time to resurrect this very worthy practice, so here is what I'm thankful for this weekend:
  • Quality bonding with the sis over Coldstone and "Devil Wears Prada" (awesome movie--reminds me how women are taught to hate each other)
  • Fabulous family party (featuring a magic show by my pa--just like old times)
  • Holding my friend Jenn's BEAUTIFUL little daughter Natalie (amazing that the girl I used to write notes to during Algebra is now a mommy!)
  • Appreciating my extended family with all their quirks and eccentricities
  • Surprisingly good visit with my Nana at the nursing home
  • Walking around suburbia and actually enjoying it (God, I'm getting old...)
  • Taking in the Wyeth exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum (and learning so much about an artist I've looked at for years, but never quite understood)
  • Official "Philly date" with Nick at Bridgid's (great little hole-in-the-wall with excellent beer-battered chicken)
  • Yuengling in the backyard with my dear friend Jennifer, b*tching about life
  • Dessert with Jennifer and her long-suffering fiance ;)
  • Waiting for an hour outside Suky's, sweating with Jennifer's bridesmaids, to try on dresses
  • Topping it off with a peaceful evening in the park, watching Rocco chase lil' doggies

Such a good time to reconnect with friends and family; to rejuvenate.

Off to Lake Placid tomorrow, one of my favorite places in the world, to reconnect with another friend--dear old Katie, one of my JVC roomies. I adore going up there--not just because Katie and I always have an awesome time, but because I get to revel in nature (hiking the Adirondacks, swimming in the lake) that I so rarely get to see around here. Also, Katie and her husband Brad are just genuinely good, sweet people, and their home is like a retreat for me. We spend hours reminiscing about our time volunteering, which is always a wonderful reminder of an extremely transformative time in my life.

I feel very full of love and appreciation right now. My cup runneth over.